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This article lists Earthfall achievements.



Picture Name Description

Barrier to Entry[]

Deploy a Barrier Kit[]
Ach -Defenses Online.jpg

Defenses Online[]

Deploy a Mounted Gun[]
Power up.jpg

Power Up[]

Restore power to a printer or health station[]
Get off!.jpg

Get off![]

Rescue another player pinned by the Thresher[]
Tea, Earl Grey, Hot.jpg

Tea, Earl Grey, Hot[]

Initiate a print on a 3D Printer[]
Tis but a scratch!.jpg

Tis but a scratch![]

Use a health item on yourself[]

Here to help[]

Help an incapacitated player up[]

Let go![]

Rescue another player from the Whiplash[]

Killing Spree[]

Killed 25 aliens in 1 minute or less[]


Complete the Breakdown mission[]

Deep Cuts[]

Kill an alien with a melee weapon[]

You're welcome[]

Use a health item on another player[]


Make it through a mission without being incapacitated[]


Completed a mission using only pistols[]

The Good Life[]

Complete the Supply Run mission[]

Sapper Killer[]

Kill 20 Sappers[]

Sapper Slapper[]

Shove a Sapper[]

Beast Killer[]

Kill 5 Beasts[]

01000111 01000111[]

Complete the Data Recovery mission[]

Whiplash Killer[]

Kill 10 Whiplashes[]


Kill 600 aliens with headshots[]

Fully Trained[]

Complete the Radio Silence mission[]

Drone Killer[]

Kill 1000 Drones[]

Thresher Killer[]

Kill 35 Threshers[]

Hungry for Brains[]

Kill 600 or more Drones by shooting them through the brain[]

Fenced In[]

Deployed 100 Barrier Kits[]


Kill a Sapper with fire[]

Drone Killer - Elite[]

Kill 8000 Drones[]

No, You Move[]

Shove a Thresher out of the air[]

Whiplash Killer - Soldier[]

Kill 20 Whiplashes[]

Invasive Species[]

Complete all missions in the Invasive Species campaign[]

Sapper Killer - Soldier[]

Kill 45 Sappers[]

Helping Hand[]

Save 40 incapacitated players[]

Point defender[]

Deploy 25 mounted guns[]

Slice & Dice[]

Kill 700 aliens with a melee weapon

Get a room![]

Save 40 pinned players[]

Beast Killer - Soldier[]

Kill 15 Beasts[]


Save 40 unconscious players[]

Pick them off[]

Kill 500 aliens with the SW22[]

Drone Killer - Soldier[]

Kill 2000 Drones[]

Line 'em up[]

Killed 5 aliens with one shot[]

Thresher Killer - Soldier[]

Kill 75 Threshers[]

Sharp Shooter[]

Win a game with high accuracy[]

Sapper Killer - Elite[]

Kill 180 Sappers[]

Beast Killer - Elite[]

Kill 60 Beasts[]

Thresher Killer - Elite[]

Kill 300 Threshers[]

Field Medic[]

Heal 20 players[]


Complete the Breakdown mission on Overwhelming diffculty[]

Whiplash Killer - Elite[]

Kill 80 Whiplashes[]

Tough Hombre[]

Finished any campaign on the hardest difficulty[]

01001111 01001101 01000111[]

Complete the Data Recovery mission on Overwhelming difficulty[]

Get Off My Lawn[]

Complete the Supply Run mission on Overwhelming difficulty[]

Off The Rails[]

Complete the Radio Silence mission on Overwhelming difficulty[]

Field Surgeon[]

Heal 60 players[]

Mow 'em down[]

Kill 400 aliens with a Mounted Gun[]

Full Auto[]

Kill 1000 aliens with the AK67[]

One shot, one kill[]

Kill 750 aliens with the Glintec[]


Kill 150 aliens with grenades[]

Who needs ammo?[]

Kill 2500 aliens with melee weapons[]

Headshot addict[]

Killed 50 consecutive aliens with headshots or brainshots[]

Harbinger of Doom[]

Kill 1000 aliens with the Harbinger[]


Kill 750 aliens with the Vendetta

Make a hole[]

Kill 1000 aliens with the Berg 930[]

Can't beat the classics[]

Kill 1000 aliens with the AK47[]

Doors and Corners[]

Kill 1500 aliens with the EF18[]

Spray and Pray[]

Kill 1000 aliens with the MP5[]

Concentrated Fire[]

Kill 1500 aliens with the Combat CVA[]

Fear the Reaper[]

Kill 1000 aliens with the Reaper[]